As the whole world shut down when the Covid-19 pandemic hit us last year. It affected people’s lives, businesses, industries, and many other aspects of how things worked in the world before.

With everything closing to stop the spread of the virus, it seemed like our whole world will stop and we would be stuck inside our homes and even though we did get stuck inside our homes for a long time, there was something that got us through that difficult time, and it was “technology”.

Where we were far from everyone, untouchable, technology in many ways made us feel connected with others and our ways of life. Technology also helped businesses both big and small, education, industries, and corporate workplaces. With the help of the internet, the whole world connected with each other and continued to work and progress. Work from home through the internet made companies realize that they do not need the cost of renting a large office place, people from the other corner of the world working for a company across the sea made the executives realize that they can hire people and their skills from any part of the world. The concept of a physical business disappeared and starting a business on the internet became more cost-effective and easier to manage. The educational sector also adapted to technology and shifted their classrooms to virtual ones. Freelancing got a huge boost and gave many people jobs from all over the world. The business invested in the adaptation of digitalization to continue the supply chain. The way industries worked before the pandemic changed completely and they found new and better ways with the help of technology. People in their homes learned a lot of new skills and many found their passion while trying.

The covid pandemic also caused us to lose many lives and negatively impacted a lot of aspects of our lives, but when we compare the previous pandemics with covid 19, we realized that due to the help of technology, we were able to cope with it better than we could have done in the past. We may have not been prepared for the changes this pandemic brought, but with the help of IT and technological advancement in every sector, especially advancement in medical technology, has prepared us to deal with the future.   

We all knew what the future will look like, the world shifting to a virtual world, but what we didn’t know was that it would take a pandemic to make us take that leap into digitalization

Around so many difficulties, technology gave us ease in many ways and made us realize that the world and our lives do not have to stop and there are so many ways in which we can use technology to help ourselves and others around us while we all go through these hard days.

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