We are living in a world where pictures and graphics have more impact than words. Everyone, in every given field, is using graphics to some extent. Because of this emerging need for colorful designs and graphics, there has been a growing requirement for graphic designers. As there are many companies and organizations that hire professional graphic designers for the given task, there are many people with small and personal businesses that are designing their graphics all by themselves as well, and designing has become a huge part of a freelance career.

So, whether you are designing for a client or for personal use or business, good designing software can enhance your skills and experience. There are countless designing softwares on the internet with features that can confuse many beginners or amateurs. To design to your full potential, you need a designing software that fulfills all your requirements and is on the same expertise level as you. For different requirements and uses there are some designing software that helps its user to easily navigate through and get their work done more efficiently. Here’s our pick on the top three designing software catering to both beginners and professionals.

  1. Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is a designing software used by millions of artists and designers around the globe. It is most popular in the graphic designing field whether you are making posters, banners, logos, or websites and on top of that, it has made its name for editing photographs. Adobe Photoshop is used in both beginner-level designing to high-end professional designing.

As for the designers who have experience in Adobe Photoshop, they find it easy to design and navigate through the software, whereas many beginners may find it intimidating and hard to use as it is a little hard to grasp for beginner-level designers. Adobe Photoshop is the perfect software for designers who are making complicated designs and already have some experience in graphic designing.

Difficulty level: Hard

Software: PC & Mac

  • Canva

Canva is a free online graphic designing software that is easy to use with pre-designed elements and graphics. If you are a beginner designer or a person with no prior design skill or experience, you too can make the most out of this software. Canva has many built-in templates with images, fonts, and animations, and it works on the concept of drag and drop, where you can simply select, and then drag and drop your design and element into the image/video. Canva is a hassle-free designing software as it makes graphic designing very easy and fast.

Difficulty level: Easy

Software: PC & Mac

  • Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator is a graphic designing software that primarily caters to vector designing. But you can also create and design graphics like posters, logos, icons, and artwork. Adobe Illustrator is mainly used for drawing illustrations from shapes, brushes, and art designs. Its interface is easy to navigate and lets designers create good illustrations and designs.

Difficulty level: Medium

Software: PC & Mac

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