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Mosa Mack Science - Lisa Johnson

Web Searching and Data Entry


Attached please find the invoice for Purchase Order #XXXXX from Mosa Mack Science. **Please Note*** that our mailing address has changed. Please send all payments to the 21 Buena Vista address in Fairfield CT ***** listed in the invoice. Please email or call with any questions.

  1. open hello fax and sign in
  2. enter fax number (note that copying and pasting is the best way to do this since hello fax tends to fill in numbers that it doesn’t recognize. Make sure when you press enter, it says the United States). Double check the area code and last 4 numbers to ensure accuracy.
  3. Click “Add Cover Letter”
  4. in the “Recipient” field, enter the billing name on the PO followed by “Accounts Payable”
  5. in the “From” field, enter “Mosa Mack Science”
  6. In the body, paste the text at the bottom of these directions replacing the XXXXX with the PO number
  7. Press save
  8. Attach 3 files: The original PO, the new invoice and the W9 (attached here)
  9. Wait until you get “fax sent successfully” notice
  10. in the notes section of the deal, write ‘invoice faxed’
  11. add a task for 2 months from the day you sent the invoice that says “Check received?” and assign it to me.